Kado Muir
A Vote for Robin Chapple is a Vote for Kado Muir

In this State election I am running as a number two candidate to Robin
Chapple for the vast upper house electorate of Mining and Pastoral. The
Mining and Pastoral region encompasses an area of 2,280,730 km2, stretching from the sea cliffs of the Great Australian Bight to the monsoon forests of the Kimberley. The region contains five electoral districts -
Eyre, Kalgoorlie , Kimberley, Northwest and Pilbara.

Robin has been representing the Greens in the Upper House for the last four years; during that time he has been a strong voice for Aboriginal Heritage and Nuclear Free campaigns. In fact it is largely due to Robin that Aboriginal Heritage Act has not been changed to make it easier for
developers to destroy Aboriginal Sites!

Robin commented on the processes around Lake Disappointment in his AHA review document, Robin also visited Lake Disappointment via the canning stock route with Glen Cooke, Curtis Taylor and the Martu rangers. Robin also visited the Yantakutji waterhole - where Cameco propose to take water for Kintyre and asked personally 69 sets of questions in the Legislative Council of parliament on how the government was failing to protect Aboriginal Heritage during 2009-2012

Looking after country is important for many Aboriginal people in our Mining
and Pastoral electorate. I am running to support Robin in this election
campaign, and if enough people *Vote 1 for Robin Chapple* I might also get
enough votes to be elected along with him. Robin must be doing something
right because he’s been preferenced last by all the major political parties
on the How to Vote card. We both need everyone in our electorate to Vote 1
for the Greens, Robin Chapple and Kado Muir.

Please pass this message on and remember a Vote for Robin is a Vote for Kado!

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