Kado Muir
Call for young conservationists to join Walkatjurra Rangers’ Green Army - ABC Goldfields WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Spending time on country trapping, measuring and identifying bats, birds and lizards is all in a week’s conservation work for the Walkatjurra junior rangers…

Kado Muir Submission to Aboriginal Heritage Act Reform

To whom it may concern

As an Aboriginal man with traditional responsibilities for the protection of Aboriginal sites in my country. As an activist who has fought for many years to protect heritage places from the rapacious ravages of the government and industry in Western Australia. As an anthropologist with specialized knowledge on Aboriginal Heritage matters. As a former member of the Aboriginal Cultural Materials Committee, the Specialist Anthropologist appointed under the Aboriginal Heritage Act. As a qualified Archaeologist. As a descendent of those Weebo elders who stood up to fight and protect our sacred places that lead to the introduction I this Aboriginal Heritage Act and as a business man operating an Aboriginal heritage consultancy.

Let my submission to your reform agenda simply register my most base and most utter contempt for the individuals, agencies, politicians and industry representatives who promulgate this dispicable agenda of sacrificing Aboriginal heritage on the alter of development in Western Australia.

I submit no rational argument, I make no submission pointing out the issues of contention in this process except to register my most extreme and utter disgust at you the individuals and you the hegemony who rationalise your continued oppression and marginalization of Aboriginal people.

That is all.
Ngula Nyaku (see you later),

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